Saturday, April 4, 2009

IPA No. 1

I've decided that I want to make four (4) solid IPAs, and make them often.  Anything else I brew will be rare or seasonal.  

No. 1 - Light and Clean - Maltiness is subdued, color is light, citrusy hop  flavor takes spotlight.

No. 2 - Malty/Fruity - bigger malt presence, fruity/floral hop flavor and aroma.

No. 3 - Spicy - rye and darker caramel malts dominate.  Amber in color.  Big hop profile.

No. 4 - Black - An IPA posing as a stout.  

The following is a batch of No. 1 that I brewed today.  Still probably needing to tweak a few things in future batches, but this may be a winner...

Malt Bill (O.G. = 1.065)
85% 2-row pale
2% crystal 40 lovibond
6% carapils
7% corn sugar (added to boil)

Hop Bill (IBUs = 95)
Zeus (16.4 aa%) and Chinook (13.0 aa%) at start
Chinook 15 minutes in
Zeus 30 minutes in
Amarillo (8.5 aa%) and Chinook at finish
Amarillo dry hop for 2 weeks

1 oz gypsum added to 12.5 gallons of brewing liquor.  Final volume = 7.5 gallons.

California ale

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