Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Hop Harvest

The hops are picked, dried and bagged. Here's the tally (in dry ounces):

Nugget: 1.4 oz
Centennial: 5 oz
Chinook: 3.6 oz
Magnum: 1.25 oz
Cascade: 11.65 oz

This is season #2 for my hop plants, and with the cooler than average summer we had this year, I think it was worse than season #1 which is crazy. But there's always next year!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Evolution of a Recipe

Today, I am taking another stab at my 40 minute IPA. The first batch I ever brewed was Amarillo by Morning, a pale ale made with extract and grain that used exclusively Amarillo hops. Over time, I have repeated and tweaked that recipe, mostly in the direction of making it stronger and more hoppy, hence the "Accidental IPA." Most recently, I tried a partial mash version, which was the best yet, though the first 40 min IPA was pretty great, a cleaner crisper version. Today, I'm giving the 40 minute another shot, and am using the time between hop additions to review the different directions this recipe can go.

I like making something over and over until I understand it, so below are 4 different versions of a beer I have made a dozen times now. All were made with Wyeast 1056. Someday, I'll try an all grain version, but for now, my kitchen will do fine.

Amarillo by Morning, OG 1.054 IBU's 44
6 lbs Light DME
8 oz Crystal 60
8 oz Cara/Pils
60 min 1 oz Amarillo
20 min 1 oz Amarillo
5 min 1 oz Amarillo
1 min 1 oz Amarillo
This turned out pretty good, a solid and aromatic pale ale.

Accidental IPA OG 1.062 IBU's 68
6 lbs Light DME
15 oz Crystal 60
12 oz Cara/Pils
60 min 1 oz Zeus
40 min 1 oz Zues
20 min 1 oz Amarillo
5 min 1 oz Amarillo
This was a little bitter for my taste, but was a good strong IPA.

40 Minute Accidental IPA, fermented on top of the first Accidental's yeast cake
This was a major success, made it for my brother's wedding and it went fast
OG 1.068, 67.5 IBU's
7 lbs Light DME
8 oz Crystal 60
8 oz Cara/Pils
40 min 2 oz Zeus
20 min 1 oz Chinook
5 min 1 oz Amarillo
1 min 1 oz Amarillo
This was the best year to date. Clean and crisp, even at close to 7%, it was easy to drink and the Amarillo gave it a great nose.

Partial Mash Accidental IPA
1 lb honey Malt
1 lb Crystal 60, malt was mashed for 60 min at 150-155
6 lbs Extract
60 min 1 oz Chinook
40 min 1 oz Chinook
20 min 1 oz Amarillo
5 min 1 oz Amarillo
after 7 days, added 2 oz Amarillo to fermenter
Considerably more body and maltiness than any of the others, this was also a great success. Well balanced and on the stronger, more bitter end of the spectrum.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OLCC and DOJ Cancel OR State Fair Homebrew Competition

This is heinous.

According to Connie Bradley, Fair manager, "The issue has to do with the judging. Judges are considered the public, and we cannot have the public tasting amateur wine or beer."

Umm, last I knew the State Fair's HBC was a BJCP sanctioned event. This means that the "public" isn't really judging beers; beer judges are judging beer. Beer judges who know their shit. Beer judges who have to take a rigorous exam to get their credentials. Beer judges who don't confuse a terminal gravity ipa, for example, with a mcmenamins hammerhead.

Maybe the BJCP is no longer part of the State Fair, which would lend some credence to Ms. Bradley's comments. But if I'm write, she's a moron.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Brewin'

This weekend: American Pale Ale

On deck: Cream Ale

On draft: Imperial IPA

In the barrel (bourbon) aging: American Barleywine