Monday, March 23, 2009

Electric Brew Update

I have had nightmares about dropping carboys.....what a mess!!! not to mention the work one puts in. my heart goes out to you.

Friday night i was up til 1 am working on the electric brew...and by Sunday night it's fully operational and i did a test (water only) run.

Water: I have installed a shower valve and a flexible hose (instead of a shower head) to have hot and cold water.
Sink: i have a sink installed with drain for rinsing gear and most importantly for draining the counter flow chiller.
Counter Flow Chiller: this is was the first time i was able to use this. I made it well over 6 months ago but have just not gotten to use it. And it work beautrifully. It takes boiling water down to 58 degrees. It worked TOO well. i had to really back down the cold water going in to raise the temp back to 68 or so. I can dial in the out flow temp by throttling back the cold water in. beautiful. The time to chill is just the time gravity takes to drain the wort out of the keg thru the 3/8" tube. I'll time in next time. By the way, this is not a 25foot cfc, i can't remember if this is 40 or 50Foot.
Ventillation: I am using the Sherman Ventilation system which worked well. its a fan in a basement window with a plywood surround. It worked very well.
Pump: ordered.

Thats the update. Pics to follow at some point. my camera is packed away in a moving box.

Next up: Sankey Keg Fermentor. I want to ferment in a sankey keg and not a glass carboy. A few modifications and i should be good to go.

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