Saturday, March 28, 2009

Electric Brew Update with photos

(THis blog was written bottom up. Sorry not use to the format.)

This is another overall shot that shows the basement window with a fan. I have a window that opens inwards and up. i have a sheet of alluminum protecting it as a moisture barrier. can't tell you yet how good it works as this is my first real test.

Here is an over all pic of the setup. I didn't say it was nice to look at. The silver case is angled as it is cuz the thermocouple (temp sensor) that came with my PID is only 3 feet. i have a longer one on order. I welded the stainless fittings. Not pretty. I used a MIG setup with shielding gas. The gravity nature of stainless welding with that setup is difficult to do on a round threaded pipe to a keg. It takes some practice but even then my welds are not pretty ...but water tight.

this picture shows the end of the sink and the shower valve. I wanted hot and cold water on site, sort of speak. I didn't want just a faucet. I wanted a long hose with a spray gun on the end. THe showervalve with a washing machine hose (hi temp) and a garden sprayer (with trigger) does the trick. Its also plumbed for a drain.

This photo shows the electric kettle with CFC (40+fooot) below. The silver case is the control panel. I made everything portalble or plug n play. I can take the case off and work on it in the garage. its setup to run a mash and HLT but i am not ready for that yet. Of course i would have to purchase another PID etc. The PID i am using is off of Ebay. Works fine. with SSR. its holding 150 veryy nicely (floats to 152 down to 148 in Auto Tune mode).

I am brewing for the first time with the electric kettle. I am steeping grains as i type this. The water heated from 54 F to 150F in 20minutes on the nose. I am using a 220V 4500W heater.

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  1. Hi Great blog. Could you give us more details about your Electric setup ?
    If you could put as much details as the post for your Gaz setup(post SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2009
    The Sherman Brewhouse)
    That would be great! I'm looking to go electric, add PID and probably PLCs. Thanks