Saturday, December 24, 2011

Double your fun.

In my usual last minute frenzy to brew some beer for Christmas gifts, I tried a new trick to increase output. The night before, I boiled 5 gallons of water to sterilize it, then let it cool overnight. In the morning, I split it into two carboys and put them outside.

Now, for the afternoon brew session, I did a double strength five gallon batch so I could split it into the carboys of cold water, which has the added benefit and decreasing the amount of time and water I use to cool the wort. I got the wort down below 100 degrees, then poured it into the 60 degree water. In the time I usually spend making 5 gallons of beer, I made 10. Twice as much to beer to gift and/or drink.

I wouldn't recommend doing this for a high gravity beer, but for a Cascadian Pale Ale like I usually make, this experiment worked great.



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