Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KLCC Eugene Brew Fest

So, occasionally I take side gigs, as long as they are with good people playing good music. It's fun, keeps me on my toes, and if it's at a brew fest, well, that's a no brainer. So, I played with Ashleigh Flynn at the Eugene Brewfest last Friday. The highlights, of course, were the Pelican and Ninkasi booths. Pelican had and IPA that was the best I tasted, and a stout that was the only one I tasted, but was great. Ninkasi's beer of note was Spring Reign, a hoppy pale ale that starts out malt forward and has a refreshing hop finish. It's on the lighter side (compared to 8 percent double IPA's anyway), so it's also right in line with the beer I would like to perfect but have yet to. (I think I have everything but the malt finish down pretty good) Check back later.

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