Saturday, January 17, 2009

Batch #4, Cascade by Morning

For the fourth time, I used Amarillo By Morning recipe with a couple changes, some on purpose, some by accident

Started with 5.5 gallons of water, put in grains at about 200 degrees (even though they are supposed to steep at 165- hope this doesn't matter).

Steeped for 10-15 minutes, then added 6 lbs malt extract and 1 oz cascade hops, started boil. Beer minus 60 (well, 57 this time)

Took grain bag out 10 minutes into boil or so.

20 minutes into boil (B minus 40), added 1 oz cascade. Recipe says 20 minutes meaning 20 minutes left. I'm an idiot. Oh well. More bitter more better I hope. So, do I add 1 oz at 20 minutes left and then the last ounce at 5 minutes, or put them all at 5 minutes? I've got some time to decide. Hops smell so goooood...

boil boil boil

with 5 minutes left, added one oz and mixed it in, another ounce and didn't mix. Turned off heat at 57 minutes instead of sixty and started cooling it.

I moved the wort chiller around a lot to cool it faster. Tap water is super freezing, so the wort was down to 75 or so in like 10 minutes. Amazing. I might make it to that meditation workshop after all.

Poured it through a strainer into a big bucket and back into pot and back into bucket. Mucho Aire!!!

Poured it into the carboy. Oh boy. Bubbles. Had to pour the last bit a little at a time and spill some on the floor. Ended up with about 5 gallons exactly.

Tastes pretty good. OG about 1.055. It is a more bitter than the last batch, but it's yummy. Fruity. Is it my imagination or can i already tell the difference between the Cascade and the Amarillo hops. This is why bottling is good even though kegging sounds fun. I can compare this to batches #1 and #3 someday.

Waiting for yeast packet to look fat and happy. Cleaning up. Cross your fingers.

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